About us

Espresso Awards represents a group of baristas and coffee aficionados. We are determined to demystify and simplify the coffee making process in an area where things often seem complicated and confusing.

Coffee making and espresso preparation in particular is a complicated process. But the joys of making and tasting great coffee shouldn’t be intimidating or exclusive.

Everyone can and should be able to make great coffee at home. Even espresso.

Sure there’s a few things you need to learn first. And unfortunately you do need to spend a bit of money. But we try to explain things in a straightforward way. And we’ll try to help you find the best value equipment to get you started.

We’ll be adding more and more to this site in the coming months. In the mean time, we’d love to hear your feedback.

You can get in touch via the Contact us page. Or feel free to add comments in the form at the bottom of each page.